Tuesday, December 8, 2009

lots of things have been happening

I love libraries, and I love the internet.

The nice thing about these things is that it gives us a plethora of ideas to work with the children. So here are some of the things we have been putting into action.

1. www.gruffalo.com: This is Julia Donaldson's website and it consists of activities to do that are related to some of our favorite books - the Gurffalo, the smartest giant in town and room on a broom. So far we have worked on a gruffalo mask and made gruffalo crumble (which has a lot of veggies and I suspect that Anjali ate it mostly because of its name. A lot of it went in, so i guess its fine)

2. I found a book called creative games for your toddler, games based on Steiner Waldrof method. Tons of ideas for making good toys. One of the toys we made was a horse, using a pole (from an old playgym that neither kid uses very much), yarn, a white sock, some old nappy cloths for eyes and ears. Anjali likes to take it and run around.

3. Am currently working on a fishing set using, again, old cloth. It takes time to sew it up. Would have been easier to use foam, but then again, different mateirals, differnt textures. I usually sew on the bus and it gives me something to do.

4. Another book: First things to do. Excellent and simple ideas for crafts, including a paint caterpillar, sheep, dinosaur etc. I am sure that Anjali will love some of the activities, I havent found time to try them

5. This morning we tried an activity that i have been meaning to do for a long time, but didnt get around to doing. Crayon resist.  First, before the kids got up, I made some drawings using white crayons on white paper. There were four drawings - Maisy, Tallulah, bear and greedy goose. Then I set up Anjali's activity table with two bowls of food coloring in water. When she woke up, it was ready to get go. She had to paint on the paper with color water. The crayon will resist and the color will go everywhere else but the paper. Anjali discovered Maisy. Sophia was playing in the sides as we did the next one.

"Who is this?" I asked Anjali

"lalulala" Said Sophia

"Sophia guessed it", I exclaimed

"Talullah", says Anjali, finishing the last strokes with a flourish.


"Anjali and Sophia guessed correctly" says Anjali

When i left them to come to work, they were both huddled over an old baking tray with the remaining color water, two syringes and an egg carton. They didnt really notice that i had left for work, so i guess they were having fun.


Last evening, the kids were invited to Malavika's birthday party at Mc Donalds. Primarily due to husband's aversion to fast food, we have been giving McDonalds the wide berth. So for both girls the experience was quite novel. I guess they enjoyed the games - Anjali played musical chairs, passing the parcel, musical statues.. there were a couple of other games, but she got tired and chose to watch.

Now, for an important question: Is it ok for a eleven month old to stuff her mouth with ketchup?

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