Monday, November 2, 2009

She's mommy's girl

Alamu aunty commented yesterday

"Sophia is patti's girl from  Monday to Friday"

I guess that summarizes her. She has a homing instinct under which she would be playing nicely and if I were to leave the room, and move out of her reach, and talk to someone, no matter how softly, her homing instinct would activate. its very cute.

When did the mummy girl thing begin? Before she was born, would be my guess. The first night at hospital, she kept crying. I was exhausted, the nurses offered to put her in the nursery and walk her a bit. The second night, she was still crying, I put her on bed next to me, fed her, and decided to keep her for a bit. She fell asleep nestled in the crook of my arm.

The nurses woke both of us up early in the mornign and chided me for putting her in the hospital bed. But both of us had already worked out the perfect arrangement.

In Romania, there was a time when Sophia woke up (she was just beginning to crawl towards targets long distances). She saw me a few feet away from her on the bed. She crawled towards me, put her hed on my stomach and went back to sleep/

When she had a chicken pox, we missed IEP (Anjali went with patti) I tried to make Sophia sleep. She stirred a lot, before finally crawling right on top of me and sleeping. I decided to give her half an hour before putting her on the bed, but drifted off.

She slept like that for close to two hours

"The two of you looked so cute together, sleepijng like that", said husband. I wanted to take a photo, but the camera was out of battery

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