Thursday, November 12, 2009

OObleck moments

This is how we work with Oobleck. We did it for IEP and Anjali had fun, so decided to make some at home. Considering what was involved, it was not really that messy. Ofcourse, we set up in the bathroom, and that made it easy to clean up.

For people who want to try this at home, this is what we did. We poured cornflour on a tray. First Anjali explored the flour while Sophia had dinner. Then she poured water into the flour. I told her not to put too much water and she had an excellent time exploring.

Sophia took some time to warm up to the oobleck. She was firstly fascinated with the bucket of water and the red mug, and she spent a good bit of time pouring white oobleck water over herself and over me while Anjali explored oobleck and buried her hands and mine.

She wanted to stand (she can do about a minute of standing at a time), and play, but once I put her on the floor and the tray of oobleck in fgront of her, she wanted to explore as much as Anjali.

I think they kept busy for close to 45 minutes. We got back from the playground at 8.20 and started this activity almost immediately. It was around 9.15 when we Sophia finished her bath and a little later when Anjali finished hers, so they must have taken around 45 minutes.

The highlight was when Anjali painted Sophia with the cornflour.

When we finished, we heated up the cornflous water solution to make finger paint. Its white finger paint and currently in the fridge, we'll add food coloring to it and work this evening. That has to go out of the bathroom, and will probably be a bigger mess, I am targetting working in the kitchen, it'll be easier to wash

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