Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If you cant beat them...

Einstein swears that his genius is attributed to the fact that his mother didnt scold him over spilt milk but allowed him to explore.

Now, what kind of mindset do i take when my daughter thinks that it is a load of fun to do the above with yogurt??

This is what happened. Anjali finished her dinner and wanted some yogurt. We gave her some. Shhe was nicely drinking her yogurt when a curious cat (aka sophia) dipped both her hands in the cup of yogurt, lifted it (her hands) up and licked the yogurt of it.

I laughed.


Anjali realized that it was a cute thing to do, and so she began toe at her yogurt with her hands. She begant o scoop up the yogurt by big palmfuls and started to eat it.

Of course, her dress got all yogurty in the process.

I compromised by giving a lecture about not doing it again (I dont think she took it very seriously) and then encouraging her to use up the yogurt properly by painting.

So she painted her skirt, and then we got some red construction paper and she painted that as well. We should do some handprint activities. Anjali seems interested. Atleast, she was interested in putting yogurt filled hands on the red construction paper and seeing if they printed.

We then washed up, and then I gave Anjali a small bucket and a wash cloth. The idea was to wipe the yogurt off the floor. She had a lot of fun doing that while Sophia was having dinner.

half way through her dinner, Sophia wanted to get down. She crawled to the little bucket and peeped in. I asked husband to grab the camera.

Too late, the bucket tipped and I had a baby covered in water. It was rather fun.

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