Monday, November 9, 2009

Half a meter and an attutude

 I just checked the blog. With Anjali, the first post on tantrums was on January 21stt 2008, which made her about 9.5 months old. Sophia is not far behind. For the past few weeks, her tantrums have been escalating.

Husband says thta she is into her terrible twos early.

Sophia is a baby of extremes. I guess she takes it after me. When she is happy, she would go all out to laugh and smile. But when she is having a temper, it is almost humorous to watch how the tantrum comes out. Here are some scenarios.

Its evening, and I return from work. Sophia sees me and immediiately wants to jump in my arms. I give her a cursory peck, give her back to patti and go to wash up and change my clothes.

She makes the most indignated face, and from the time I give her to patti, to the time I come back, expresses annoyance in wordless sentences

Anjali and Sophia are playing. Sometimes, the things Anjali plays with are not safe for Sophia (read: beans, marker caps, paints etc). I put a bunch of Sophia safe, still explorative toys for her to work with (read tin caps, little bowls of colored water etc). Sophis always wants to come to Anjali's toys.

And with all the books in the house, Sophia always wants to go to Anjali's books

Sophia is able to stand up by herself. She is also walking fast, when holding on to hands. On Thursday, Anjali got really excited and wanted to hold Sophia's hands. But Sophia wanted to hold my hands and Shrugged off Anjali's hands. Anjali went off to play with Ramya and Sophia got carried, so that was that.

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