Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Einstein never used flash cards

Husband and I have been reading the book. Its quite nice, with a lot of activities backed up by solid research.

Husband tried done of the counting activities (can your child understand that counting stays the same regardless of the order?)

There were four cats on a page

"Count the cats"

Anjali counted them

"Can you start here and count them?"

"I already counted them."

I did the communication exercise with Sophia yesterday (It resulted in one of the porcelain cups getting chipped and some porcelain specks on the floor, making husband very annoyed). But Sophia communicated alright. I guess I got more of a kick out of it than her.  I am consciously doing signing with her now. I didnt give it much of a thought until now.

Yesterday we wrote down Anjali's first narrative. it was about a mummy and a baby owl and a rabbbit, that involved a doctor. They didnt live happily ever after, but I think we will follow up on it soon.

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