Monday, November 2, 2009

Does she talk?

We took the girls to Science center on Saturday to watch the bears movie.

Mummy, we are flying, says Anjali.

Sophia doesnt say anything (unless you count the babbles, which were steady and excited), but tries to grab the bears

"She cant catch the bear. it is on he tv"

It must have made an impression on her, because we took the girls to the swimming pool on Sunday evening, and on the way, there was a big brown furry dog getting a walk.

I tried to give a clue to Anjali

"I spy a big brown furry thing walking near a man with a blue shirt"

"Doggie", said Anjali, at the same time that Sophia (in husband's arms) said


"Sophia says its a bear", says husband

"Where's the bear, Sophia", we ask

Imp turns her head and looks at the big brown furry dog.

Husband takes Sophia downstairs to buy something. he puts on her pants (girl screams blue murder) and then is absolutely happy to sit on her daddy's arms to go downstairs. On her way out, she says


"Kithu, did you hear that? She says door!"

"Sophia, I am going to open the.."

"do!" (and she cackles very self appreciatively as she can see that she's got us all excited)

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