Wednesday, November 4, 2009

days and nights

The funny thing about being a mother of two: I cant even imagine staying up past 11pm.
Even more funny thing: I can imagine waking up at half past five.

there were days during graduate study time when I would stay up will two or three am, reading novels. Then I would sleep for the sheer reason that my eyes wont stay open. I would sleep, and then get up again at 11am and continue my reading, not brushing my teeth, not getting up from bed, not, in a nutshell, doing anything responsible.

Heaven and forgotten bliss.

Lastnight, husband and I had been to the hospital to visit Rajah uncle, who was to go through an operation. We got back quite late, around nine. Thattha and patti were watching the girls and Anjali was having fun riding piggy back on thattha and selling potatoes.

When the oldies had gone home, we had our usual games and books. But by 10.30, I noticed that I was getting tired. Am I growing old, or is it simply the long day taking its toll?

Husband, before the girls were asleep, was already curled up under the blanket, oblivious to the noise and the I dont want to turn off the lights and the readings of Julia Donaldson (I love Julia Donaldson, we are reading what the ladybird heard, and it is fabulous).

Sophia wanted feeding. I wanted to curl up and cose my eyes.

"Adi", I called.

No response.

A little louder

Still nothing.

"Anjali, why your daddy is not answering me?"

Anjali goes around, peeks at husband and comes back

"Because my daddy is sleeping"

So I turned off the ligths and drifted off.

At some point during the night, Sophia woke me up for a feed, and as I curled my arm around her to cuddle, I became aware that something was amiss.

Her bottom was bare.

In a half drowsy state, I felt around her.

Not wet.


I poked husband. "Sophia does not have any diapers"

Husband got up and in some sort of autopilot put diapers on Sophia (She needs to be diapered while breast feeding because she will wake up otherwise)

He curled up and went back to sleep.

I must have slept too, because I remember oblivion (no, thats not an oxymoron), then my eyes shot open again. Something else was amiss.

My skirt was wet.


I felt around the bed on the other side.


Anjali was curled up, asleep.


Of all the days.

Anjali almost never wets her diaper at night, especially if we were careful to take her to the bathroom before bed (which she is quite cooperative about after we read the maisy book). i was careful to take her to the bathroom the night before.

I guess it was just one of those nights.

We shifted Sophia to the other bed (Praise be to the lord that she didnt wake up), took of Anjali's dress and husband removed ther sheets, before using baby wipes to desoak the mattress. A towel on the despaked mattress and we were good to go.

This morning, after Anjali woke up, I gave her a tumbler of soda and water to sprinkle on the bed. She had good fun.

But now we are out of soda.


  1. Why don't you get yourself a full bed rubber sheet - the ones that have cloth on the top and waterproof bottoms. So you won't feel hot when sleeping on it. I think they are available in India if anyones going ask them to get it. It will save you some trouble with the mattress getting soaked.

  2. Good idea, my cousin I think uses one, and we can use them instead of a mattress protector. Will be helpful if we ever decide to go diaper free at night also. thanks


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