Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Two weeks ago, we got back from the library with 34 books. It was a fabulous time that evening, reading several of the borrowed books, having sophia on my lap and sleeping.

Finally, we put Sophia on the bed and Anjali and I went to the living room.

"I like to ead books"

"I know. I made some books for you this morning"

"You can make a book?"


"How to make a book??"

So I showed her how we could cut pages write and draw on them, bind them together and make books.

So these days one thing that i have been doing is to make activity books. So far have completed a Noah's ark and a pat a cake activity book. Anjali seems to have fun doing the activities in the books. Am working on a Maisy book next - inspired by Maisy big/ Maisy small. The challenge with making a Maisy book, ofcourse, is the illustrations.

Up next is a pull out book. I am still playing around with the theme - cartoon characters or family members, or animals. I might do family members. it will be fun to do it with photos. 

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