Friday, November 6, 2009

can I have one more two rubber bands??

A very rewarding this happens when we see children extending associations in practical applications. Anjali is not very good at doing abstract math (what is 1 + 2), but is good at imaginative math (if there are two birds and one flows away, how many are left??)

Now, its very interesting because yesterday, I was making gnocchi mixture at night, after Sophia had slept. It was around 10pm. Anjali was a bit not sleepy, she had been to the library, we did a round of reading.. and she wanted some bread and butter and cheese (I wanted a snack and she wanted a snack)

While the gnocchi was cooking, she opened the top drawer in the kitchen, where we keep some cutlery and rubberbands. She pulled one out.

Rubber bands are excellent for eye hand coordination. So I looked around for a place for Anjali to practice rubber band coordination, and my eyes fell on the drawer handle.

Anjali spent a good bit of time exploring hwo the rubber band goes on the drawer handle.

Then we tried the cabinet door, which was oriented perpendicular to the drawer handle.

After that, I pulled another rubber band from the drawer and gave it to her for the opposite door.

So she went around asking for rubber bands to hang from the doors, until only two pairs of doors were left.

"Mummy I want more rubber bands"

"How many rubber bands do you want"

"I want two" (banging each pair of doors in turn)

I gave her two rubber bands.

She put them on the first pair of doors.

"Mummy, can I have one more two rubberbands??"

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