Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boxes explored

 All the books say that boxes are one of the best sources of creative play. In our homw, it is interesting to see how the boxes appeal to the different cognitive levels of the kids.

Yesterday, Anjali, monkey that she is, climbed on the dining table, leaned across the space between the dining table and the buddha table, and called to patti

Yenakku paint venum

Patti, who was in the kitchen trying to get her long deserved dinner break, didnt understand

"Yenna venum?"

"kiaft cupbboard la paint eyuku. yenaku paint venum"

I had made up a new batch of milk powder paints the day before (for the pat a cake book) and took them out of the fridge. Milk powder paints have an excellent texture and are much better than flour paints. Flour paints are more suited for finger painting. Milk powder paints can go very nicely on paper.

"Anjali, you want to paint in paper, or in a box?"

She chose the box, and we put her in the middle of a box, and the paints in a chair next to the box with a couple of brushes.

The curious cat of the house, who was, at that time, busy doing some thing important (read pushing the fan around and investigating what would happen if one lifts the circular base of the fan and bangs it up and down), dropped her current task when she saw the colors (perhaps it was simply due to the fact that her akka was doing something)

The tray of paints was promptly moved inside the box where the cat obviously couldnt reach.

She walked around the perimeter of the box making frantic attempts to get inside. ofcourse, we couldnt let her, as that would cause a bit of a mess, so what did we do?

Clue: Husband had brought back five boxes from his office moving. We still haev three of them untouched.

So as Anjali painted one box in a multitude of rainbow colors, all the while chatting to thattha Sophia played peekaboo with husband and me, while sitting inside the other box.

incidentally a playeum session at woodlands library had several boxes decorated, stacked and made into castles and tunnels. Pity we missed that event. Hope to hit the one in Jacob Balls garden though

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