Monday, November 30, 2009


We got a list of book from the library: most of them were recommended from I have reviewed those that we have read so far

Motherbridge of Love Anonymous:

Very touching poem, beautiful illustrations. It brings teears to the eyes. but I am not sure Anjali quite understands the principle of adopting, so its a little advanced. The illustraations are great though

Sweet Dreams, Maisy Cousins, Lucy

We havent read this one specifically, but Going with all the other Maisy books we have read, it should be great

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes Fox, Mem


I Know a Rhino Fugo, Charles

Didnt get this, butt we got "Swim Wombat, swim". Incidentally, the wombat looks a lot like the Kangaroo in Sam Mcbratney's books. i wonder if its the same illustrator

First the Egg Seeger, Laura

Excellent book. Great introduction to change, lifecycles, stories pictures, and its not an encyclopedia

Lemons are Not Red Seeger, Laura

Another nice one, simpler than the first one, but great all the same

When Mama Comes Home Tonight Spinelli, Eileen


Carry Me Wells, Rosemary

Classic also, not very humorous, but sweet

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