Monday, November 2, 2009

Anjali may be on tv

Vasantham iss running a program called Chellame, and Anjali may be on it. Kala saw Anjali sing at my mom's kolu and recommended her. I asked her if she wanted to sing.


What song do you want to sing?

"I want to sing twinkle twinkle little star"

Anjali, its a tamil show, I think you may have to sing a tamil song

"I want to sing shee chakia iaja"


"When I am bigger I will dance"

Maybe I can teach her a dance routine to go with it?? Will I have time, the recording is on Saturday

later, we tell patti about the situation

-Can you teach her a song?

-Ok, let me see, maybe theeratha vilayatu pillai, it will be nice for an action routine. Or how about oodi vilayadu paapa?

-Oodi vilayadu papa may be nice, Anjali do you want to sing it?

Anjali is all naked and groggy from just having waken up, and drinking milo. She walks to patti, climbs up and says, "shee chakia iaja"

Fine then, so it is.

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