Thursday, October 8, 2009

while the pasta is boiling

Woke up this morning at 6.45am. Too late to do anything useful for husband's lunch

Put together the following

Pasta with garlic and herbs, topped with olives

Topping of the pasta got done in five minutes flat. How was it done?

1. Slice garlic and fry in little oil until golden. Add ajwain leaves (I have a plant that grows in the balcony), a pinch of chili powder, salt and some dried basil. Stir it around for about half a minute and then add the olives (I didnt bother pitting them, husband has teeth)

2. In the meanwhile boil pasta in salted water, drain

3. put the pasta over the garlic/ olive mixture and heat it up to be satisfactorily dry.

The verdict is that it is excellent. Simple, but very delicious. Right up husband's alley

While the pasta was boiling, I worked a bit on Anjali's things that go together puzzles. I have done three categories so far

1. Things that are symmetrical (six puzzles)
2. What we eat (six puzzles)
3. Where we live (4 puzzles)

i love milk cartons. Usually i glue the drawings on the milk cartons and then just cut them out into puzzles. The symmetrical things got done. Anjali had a nice time playing with them until it was time for me to go to the office

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