Monday, October 5, 2009

What we did this weekend

We finally made the trip to fidgets. More than anything, ofcourse, I am amazed by how much Sophia has been growing. She took the toddler play area in her stride and began to crawl all over it. There is a small hill in the area that she loves to climb to look at the mirror at the very top.

Anjali ofcourse, loves the place. She climbed all the ladders and through those cylinders (two times on these climbing apparatus and I am poofed, but not her) to reach the slide downs. Then she ate pizza and chocolate brownie and went back to it again. Fidgets is a nice place.

We left there at around 5pm, and decided that a taxi was too much of a bother as we would probably get the peak hour traffic. So we took a walk to horse city, saw the ponies and then took a bus. Anjali crashed in the bus.

The plan was to go to the UCC for a concert, but we never made it. Anjali slept at patti's house for the night.

The next morning, Sophia threw up her avocado, and all the plans went down the drain. We decided that the best idea was to get her to sleep, so until 2.30 we slept (me too, and I really loved the nap), but not continuously, just here and there.

At 2.30 we went to patti's house and played till 4.30. After which we decided that it was a nice idea to go to Bukit Timah hill.

We went to the hill and walked up the rocky path. That was the highlight of the weekend. Anjali walked the whole path too... fromm base to rocky path and up the rocks and then back to the base. Husbband kept telling that the rocks to navigate were puzzles that she needed to solve. I was digging my nails into my palms wuite a lot, but I think she enjoyed herself well.

We got to see a load of monkeys (Anjali looks at them and says kangayoo, I'll leave you to guess why). Sophia starts giibbering at the top of her voice.

We stop at the cheers at the Esso station and buy a kinder surprise for Anjali.

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