Thursday, October 1, 2009

what has been happening

The past few days have been really quiet. Not exactly uneventful, but just nice in a quiet sort of way.

Yesterday we took Anjali for a hairrcut. I am a boy, she says, after snippets of hair fell on the floor.

Sophia has, somewhat, stopped eating the raw beans that I use with Anjali in dry pouring games. In a way it is great as the dry beans make very interesting sensorial stimulation for both girls. Ofcourse, we are still careful to have either me or husband around when the beans get taken out, just in case she decides to eat them, or worse, to pee on them

Anjali and husband had a ball of a time last weekend playing a montessori activity that involved small containers (ice cube tray or old paint tray), a syringe and colored water (blue and yellow). They made every so many shades of green. We ought to try it out with the IEP kids

I was sick like a dog most of last weekend and as a result spent the whole weekend indoors. It is good because Anjali doesnt want to go to the swimming pool anyway (or in the aeroplane, or the rowing boat, or the pedalling boat... no where except the cable car). But we still owe the girls a trip to fidgets.

We read a book called Chrysanthemum by Kevin henkes. Anjali likes the story. She wants to be called Chrysanthemum Curic.

Incidentally, did you know that Cinderella took my shoe and the only reason why I am not marrying the Prince iss because I am already married to husband?

Ask Anjali for the whole story

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