Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ian Horswill has come up with a simulation model that simulates parent child attachment. Calls it TWIG. i think he has modeled it on Sophia. the page shows a kid holding his mother's knee.

Sophia is alike that, put a toy in front of her, she will get down, crawl to it, pick it up and then return to my lap at the earliest opportunity. I wonder if it has something to do with insecurity as Horswill models it. Further away she is from me, the higher the chances of running into danger.

Some days ago, patti tells me that Anjali had the front door open and was climbing the gate. Sophia sits at the fan and patti in her chair. Sophia wants to go to see what Anjali is up to, but is afraid of getting knocked on the head. So she crawls three steps towards Anjali, looks back, sees that patti is not following, crawls back. Tries to convince patti to go along, but no go. So when I got back home, she was playing with the fan cable and Anjali was climbing the gate.

Funny that when she is with husband, she doesnt crawl back to the lap so often, tends to be more independent, pushes ber boundaries further.

When she gets into a quarrel with Anjali, she will drop what is is going after and immediately crawl back.

What I wont give to know what goes on in her brain.

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