Thursday, October 8, 2009

That happens in the house all day

Two nights ago: We were reading a book. Anjali had earlier emptied her daddy's wallet and was currently holding said person's most important document in her hand.

Sophia crawls by to peek at the book (Hop on pop). Decides it is not interesting. Turns around, sees the identity card in her sister's hand.


Anjali does not let go, yanks back.

Card comes out of Sophia's hand.

Sophia doesnot give up.

Yank again.

The thing goes back and forth a few times with Anjali intermittently exclaiming "Mummy, Sophia!!!"

Something tells me that the best thing to do will be to observe and not interfere. It is good training for later years.

Sophia began to cry after a while. Then she got interested in an ant that was crawling on the floor and dropped the identity card to chase the ant.

Yesterday morning, Anjali was playing the colors exploration with two glasses of water (red and yellow), an empty palatte to put the color water in, and a syringe.

Sophia crawls to Anjali (Note: There are atleast ten other toys in the room, from balls to play centers to books, but does she go anywhere else??)

She grabs the tumbler of red water and pulls. Anjali pulls back. Sophia pulls again.

Again i curb my interfering instincts.

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