Monday, October 19, 2009

Sandwiches, yoga and the rest

I have, miraculously, been keeping up with the yoga and stretching for the past week, despite the chicken pox.

Husband has been hankering after a sandwich, so that was it for lunch, it took all of three minutes to put together. Gardenia has a lovely mini baguette set for $1.70 for two baguettes. it goes well in sandwiches. (Incidentaly, i have a blue cheese gremlin in the house, couldnt find even a single crumb when I tried to put a sandwich together)

Have been working on a new mobile for Sophia. The butterfly mobile was a huge success. The new one should, hopefully, consist of rattles made of tissue rolls. I have preliminarily covered them in wrapping paper, but am toying with the idea of making faces, with yarn for hair.

Exhibit one woke up before I could do much. Got her a pair of roller blades from Toys r us for Diwali. Very nice set, with three settings, 1 for walking, 2 for rolling forward and three for rolling in both directions. Anjali is currently on stage 2. She gets up in the morning, drinks milo and puts on her roller blades. Doesnt do much else the whole day other than roller blade (doesnt wear any clothes either). This morning, i convinced her to brush her teeth before putting on the roller blade. Very nice set, and a good buy.

Husband and Anjali spent yesterday afternoon at Botanical gardens. Husband couldnt stand spending another day at home and Sophia couldnt go out. They must have had a good time,a s they both came home at 7pm, happy and exhausted, had dinner and then went off again to the market to borrow a dvd. (Of course Anjali took her roller blades to the botanical garden).

We tried the Kumon mazes workbook with Anjali yesterday. She's surprisingly good with finding her way around walls. hardly had to help her with the pencils. Might have something to do with drawing aeroplane tracks from Singapore to Romania to India.

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