Friday, October 9, 2009

questions galore

I have been very tempted to tell her to stop asking, but wasnt I the one who told her to question everything in the first place?

We are reading the story about the happy prince

Once upon a time there was a happy prince and he died

Why did the die

because he fell sick

Why did he fall sick?

Because he didnt take care of himself

Why he didnt take care of himself?

And it goes on for about ten minutes and then we move on

And the people built a statue for him

Why the people built a statue for him?

because he died

Why did he die?

(and the cycle repeats)

About half an hour later, we actually get to the end of the story and then

the people found a broken heart and a bird and they threw both into the rubbish heap, but the prince and the bird ascended to heaven

Why the heart broke?

Because the bird died

why the bird died

because it was cold

Why the bird did not have a sweater?

and so on and so forth

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