Friday, October 30, 2009

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, i had a five centimeter blob in my belly. Little fingers, no more than a millimeter showed up in an ultrasound, entrancing me as I saw them move, open and shut, wiggle and jiggle.

Soon, she came out, she was 3.3 kilos, and 53 centimeters. She slept nearly all the time, cried if she was not in her own bed by 8.30, and loved to play kicking with a playgym.

Soon she grew up more. She smiled, laughed, sometimes in totally inappropriate situations. She moved from milk to bananas and then to rice and pasta and cornmeal. She spat out formula milk that came from the bottle.

She got ill, had a temperature, took antibiotics. She faced it all up bravely. She went through 24 hour journeys with little complaints. She got back home, had chicken pox, scratched herself on the arm of her baby carrier and exclaimed her relief when we put calamine lotion over her.

She went to the bathroom to get herself toilet trained. She made our mouths open by turning her head to look at the relevant objects.

she scolds us in all kinds of baby words when we dont know what she wants or dont make her happy

Now she holds my hand, gets up and speeds across the room. She laughs when i get back from work and slobbers all over me. She tries to feed of me and suckles like a starving man in a desert.

Soon she will grow up even more. She will begin to walk. She will begin to be more independent. She will refuse to hold my hand when crossing the road. "I am careful", she will say

She will run up and down escalators. Say, "I am going out" and run down three floors before anyone can catch up with her.

Motherhood is so fun

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