Friday, October 16, 2009

On discipline and what happened yesterday

Ok, its reflection time.

With chicken pox running around the house, we are not supposed to bring exhibit number two out anywhere until Sunday.

Yesterday, however, was the fun with tots session. In the morning, while taking exhibit number 1 to school, I was wiring her up that I wont be coming to the library and that daddy will take her. Maybe he will take you on the bicycle.

While we were doing this, we were taking Anjali's bicycle to school. It was rather fun, except that in the beginning she fell off the bike a couple of times as she was wearing socks. So i took of the socks and let her to just pedal barefoot.

"When you are better at cycling, you can cycle all the way to patti's house!"

"When i am bigger, i will cycle all the way to patti's house"
later that evening, husband and Anjali went to the library. Husband got all the books ready and Anjali said

"I want to go in the bicycle to the libiaiy"

"its too far Anjali"

They take the books and get to the lift lobby.

Husband comes back in ten seconds to get the keys. "She wants to go in the other bicycle"

How she can remember what I mentioned, in passing, once in the morning, I dont know
I got back around 7, after buying Diwali clothes for the kids. Anjali has a pale blue frock (she chose the color), sleeveless, and Sophia has a yellow one that patti got for her from India.

Was feeling a bit under the weather, and had a mild temperature, probably had to do with interrupted sleep the past few days.

Sophia was extremely cooperative. she played, first in the bedroom, where she was haappy, eating a stuffed sock. Then she saw the round thing at the base of the fan, which is suitable for manipulation. So she spent a nice bit fo time manipulating it, rotating, lifting, dropping, banging etc

After that, she moved to patti's room, where we played with the store of the toys. Sophia especially likes the market and the house, which make lights/ sounds when she presses, rotates etc. So she explored them, and played ball with me. Her homing device is still very active, so if I/ she go further than a bit of distance,s he would come back.

After playing in patti's room, we moved back to the bedroom, but she wanted to go out. She crawled out of the bedroom, turned and saw that i was not following. So she stopped, crawled back to me and began to cry. Then she stopped crying and played for a bit. Again, she began to crawl out of the bedroom. This time, i got up, as I wanted to go to the kitchen to fix something. So she was happy.

In the kitchen, Sophia discovered something new. She discovered that if you have a karandi and drag it along the floor, it makes a very interesting sound, almost musical. So she explored the karandi for a vary long time, making good music.
Anjali got back close to nine. I was busy with Sophia, who was a little hungry and when i didnt come to the door, she struck up a tantrum.

"Mummy Mummy..."

Husband (very sweaty from the aforementioned bicycle ride to Jurong Library) was upset. Anjali, i take you to the library, spend time with you, all the time you are happy, and when you come home, you see mummy and cry. Is this my reward?

Anjali didnt quite understand that too much, but she understood that daddy was upset with her. But she was quite upset also (god only knows for what reason), so she clung to me while I washed her hands and feet and made noodles.
The bed time dance happened again. I was way too tired and really couldnt cope with the "I dont want to go in the rowing boat/ pedal boat/ singapore flyer" routine. So I chose to ignore her and went to sleep. She must have drifted off too.

both girls slept very well last night. Even Sophia only woke up once for a drink and didnt cry. 

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