Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nice montessori activities we did recently

Two night ago, we tried curve stitching. It was fun. We got hold of a tapestery needle and some yarn. I drew two perpendicular lines and marked dots on them from 1 to 4 on each line. the I taught Anjali how to go in and out with the needle and thread. We got a nice red curve on a pink card. I'll put up photos soon.

I like curve stitching, it combines join the dots with fine motor coordination, and its good because Anjali as of now cant draw lines to join the dots so much

yesterday, I came back home and decided to get Anjali to help me to glue the symmetry puzzles. So we did some cutting and pasting. Anjali tried to use the baby scissors and we made good progress on using the scissors with one hand and opening and closing them (before she was using two hands to open them). she still hasnt gotten the coordination to open the scissors properly with one hand, but she takes up the challenge of hiding the other hand behind her back and disciplining herself to work with only one hand when using scissors.

I took a break to feed Sophia her porridge and when I got around, found Anjali climbing the top of her cupboard for toothpicks. Was about to tell her off when i realized that toothpicks had pointy edges.

Got out a piece of construction paper, drew an apple and got Anjali to punch holes on the edge of the apple, so that hopefully we can pull it out. Thats another Montessori activity. Anjali put about ten holes on the edge of the apple and then poked at random, having fun poking. Soon, she realized that she has two hands, and she could poke to holes in tandem, so she climbed the cupboard for more toothpicks.

Tried to put a stop to it when the number of toothpicks on the floor was getting a bit overwhelming, ordinarily wont really bother, but Sophia was around, and i didnt want her messing with sharp pointed stuff. Was about to change activity when Anjali made another nice discovery

We were working with the construction paper and toothpicks on the rubber mats around the bed and the toothpicks could stand vertically on the mat. That meant we could do some threading around the toothpicks. It was really quite cool, though Anjali didnt really take much part in it (she was more interested in climbing her cupboard for more toothpicks). I had to dismantle the toothpicks due to Sophia, but I will probably put them up again.

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