Thursday, October 29, 2009

a nice evening

Anjali has been hankering to go to the mannu playground for the past week, and yesterday we finally managed to make the trip. Here's what we did. We left for the mannu playground at close to 7pm. Anjali walked all the way, and when she reached the mannu, immediiately jumped into the sand, taking water from the river to cook and make sand soup. Husband and Anjali had fun together while I fed and walked Sophia.

Sophia wanted to explore. First she crawled a little on the grass, and then wanted to crawl in the sand. As that was out of the question, i held her hand while she walked in the sand for a bit, and then went back to walking in the grass. At one point, she reached the foot reflexology area, husband yelled from the playground, where he and Anjali were playing Monkeys and crocodiles

"Dont let her crawl that thing!"

Well, Sophia was very interested in why the stones are not coming in her hands. But I picked her up and we walked and walked and walked until she was totally tired out.

On our way back, we went to the church, where Anjali read a Mother Mary book. Sophia got blessed by the priest mama.

We got back and both kids took a bath, as they had a rather lot of sand on them and needed to get cleaned. We got two bath tubs, and put Sophia in the red one. She loved it. I put a bit of water in the tub and made bubbles (of course Anjali wanted her own bubbles) and we splished and sploshed and had a load of fun.


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