Monday, October 12, 2009

The mini idli

Yesterday night we were doing our usual "ead a book and eat vanilla routine"

After going through maisy about ten times, I picked up Mr Brown can moo

"Anjali, did they do this book at IEp class today?"


"i thought they did, but you were asleep in IEP class"

And I went on to the book.

A couple of seconds

"Mummy, I did not sleep in IEP class"

"You did not?"

"No. in IEP class there was a hook"

"A hook?"

"Yes. it was big and geen and iound like a... like a..."

(face scrunched up in thought)

"like a mini idli"

"Like a mini idli?"


"Ok. what did you do in this hook?"

"I jumped in and out of the hook"

Then i realized that they had played with hula hoops. So they look like mini idlis

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