Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is she teething?

Saturday night:

both girls poofed after going to fidgets. Anjali sleeps on the bus and is left at patti's house (much to thattha's joy).

Sophia sleeps in the carrier on my way back from patti's house. I put her on bed and crash next to her, without bothering to change my jeans

12.30pm: husband comes to sleep

1am: Sophia wakes up and begins to cry. I try breastfeeding her, but no go. She continues crying. Husband walks her

1.30am: Sophia sleeps in husband's arms, comes to bed

2.15 am or so: She wakes up and begins to cry again. Husband walks her again for half an hour.

Same thing happened on monday morning, just later at 5.45. Husband had to take sandwiches for lunch.

Turned out that she has a fever, the bug that got me last week. 38.1. The doctor has given her cough and flu medicines with instructions to give panadol unless the fever goes over 39, in which case I should give ibrufen

This morning she was fine. Woke up at 7.15, drank milk, waited for me to finish my shower, drank more milk and then went back to sleep till 8.15

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