Tuesday, October 6, 2009

good books

I have been reading several good books with Anjali that we picked at the library.

1. Hey you, by Sandra Boynton (After you have reached the top of the hill, you must go down, says Anjali)

2. Maisy books by Lucy cousins: i have read each one about ten times, am starting to get bored of finding Talullah chicken behind the house, but not Anjali

3. Gruffalo's child: Anjali didnt like this one because the baby gruffalo went away from the mummy gruffalo. After the story I pretended that she was the baby gruffalo and I was the big bad mouse and she got scared in earnest


  1. All of Sandra Boyntons books are good

  2. Anjali is totally crazy about Maisy. To get ready for school, she has to be Maisy, Sophia Panda and my mom is talullah


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