Thursday, October 29, 2009


 Husband says that there is too much violence in the Indian god stories. Anjali got a Mahabharata comic at the Gita Jayanti drawing competition. And she was full of questions. Why did Duryodana throw Beema into the water?

I will throw bheema into a kutti puddle (reminiscent of playing with Ananya on Sunday) and make Bheema soup (they made leaf soup)

Later we were watching Bal Krishna on you tube. When trinivarta came on screen to take krishna, Anjali began to cry in earnest. Reasons
1. Yashoda left Krishna and went indoors (in Anjali's philosophy, mummies should never leave the babies)
2. Trinivarta took the baby away
3. She had not slept in the afternoon and was tired

We had to switch it off. Later she kept asking me

"Why did the asura take krishna away?"
"Of course she cries. There is too much bloodshed in those stories"
Later, still reminscent of the puddle soup episode with Ananya

"I will made asura soup. I will cut the asura with a sharp knife into pieces and put him in a puddle and make soup"

"See", says husband, "I rest my case"
Now I am thinking of what nice stories I can tell her... perhaps Govardhana giri, Kalinga? She is already fascinated with the birth of Krishna. But the challenge will be to tell it such as to avoid the violence

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