Friday, October 9, 2009

Beans and garlic

Slept late again this morning. I am starting to become a nice epitome of laziness, waking up at 6.30. Husband had expressed a desire for beans, and of course, that made life easy, as I had popped the beans in the slow cooker last night.

This morning, they had cooked all nice and soft and warm. At 6.35, I tossed some onions and tomatoes together in the teflon and then popped in the beans. Pounded some garlic and put it aside for later.

Now, when the beans were cooking, what could I do? i remembered a couple of days ago, i had spoken with a colleague, a girl of the same age as me, who had a slip disc problem.

Thought about my own couch potato life, and how when i tried to pick both Anjali and Sophia up together at the same time last evening, some part of the body twisted. Made, yet again, a resolution to introduce flexibility in life. Began some long forgotten yoga stretches. Not much yoga can be done in twenty minutes while the bean sauce is simmering, but got until the front exercises.

Very heartening to note that I can still do chakrasan and halasan. Met my match at dhanurasan. Surely it wasnt this hard four years ago??

Now, how long can I keep this resolution up is anyone's guess.

Halfway through the sarvangasan, Sophia woke up. She opened one eye, saw me in my contorted posture and thought it would be interesting to climb on my face when my center of gravity was somewhat shifted. I was too quick for her though, and got out of position, fed her and then continued the exercise.

Went back to check on the beans. they were cooked. Turned off stove and went to take a bath. Discovered that exhibit number one had gotten up and wanted noodles.

Gave exhibit number one a choice. Either come to the shower with me, or stay in bed. She chose the second option and gave commentaries like how my shadow was waving a towel on the bedroom wall.

Exhibit number one ate her noodles while reading the long Maisy book (cute though Maisy is, try reading about Maisy and Talullah ten times each session... and pretend to be panda when they go to school. Its more fun pretending to be the big bad mouse, only that it tends toreduce Anjali to tears). On a side note.. Would Anjali worry so much about the big bad mouse if the mummy gruffalo had gone for the walk as well??

Exhibit number one thenn brushed her teeth (because we wanted to show Panda how to brush our teeth) and then i convinced her to take a bath (in Sophia's bathtub, with the blue insert, no less)

Here comes the learning bit. We filled up yakult containers with a bit of soap and used a straw to blow bubbles. Anjali tried after that with plain water (she had tried once in Romania to blow bubbles and ended up drinking some soapy water). I heard a lot of interesting noises while I did the following

1. Mixed garlic in the beans
2. Prepared colored salt for some future art activity which will involve white glue and colored salt. I buy a lot of herbs and they come in these really nice shaker bottles that can be reused.

Meanwhile exhibit number two woke up. As she was having fun, dumped her straight at the entrance of the bathroom, whereupon whe slowly made her way to the bathtub, exploring the plethora of created bubbles in the bathroom floor. At some juncture, Anjali began to wash Sophia with water and the yakult bottle and both girls were rather soapy, so decided to put Sophia in the tub as well. They had good fun.

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