Wednesday, September 23, 2009

video pending

The Sophia circus is quite amusing to watch. I got to patti's house last evening. Both girls were having idlis. Anjali had hers near the window. Sophia had hers near the  fan. Both girls turned their head upon my voice. Both made a beeline. Anjali ofcourse, won, but it was a short contest.

Sophia literally jumped on me and refused to get off. If I put her down, she would play and then get back on my lap at the earliest opportunity. This morning, she woke up early, and didnt want to leave my lap. I gave her a few toys, which she tried to reach, but if I helped her by putting her on the floor, she would cry. It was only when husband came on the floor with a bottle of jam and a few slices of bread that she livened up.


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