Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sophia is underweight

We are quite at a loss as to how to make Sophia eat. She breastfeeds well, sometimes eats well the solids. But when she wants to play, even if it is mealtime, she is more interested in playing. I generally woont be too worried about this, except that she is a tad underweight.

We have tried a good bunch of food, she takes at them as nibbles them - but patti is suddenly facing trouble with bottled milk, with semolina and cheese, and even with baby vanilla.

Last night, I made up two batches of vanilla, one with cow's milk for Anjali and another with expressed milk for Sophia.

Anjali finished her vanilla, Sophia refused to touch hers. So Anjali ate that up as well. As she licked the last spoon clean, she says

"This is booba milk vanilla"

"What about the one you had?"

"Thats moo moo milk vanilla"

"Which do you like?"

"I like moo moo milk vanilla"

So we went to the kitchen and made more moo moo vanilla.

Sophia breastfed, played wildly with her sister for about twenty minutes, laughed at all the antics and went to sleep at 10pm

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