Thursday, September 17, 2009

Re: Anjali's opinion on Colin Blakemore and Barbara Poggio

I wouldn't push this button at this age. She is exploring, she is processing, let her do it her way. There is something within a child that makes them move away from what is ugly, not beautiful (that must be a little of the psychic that must be awake in them). So she is repulsed by what Dr Blackmore does, (and perhaps the way you put it, may not have been something nice for a child's ears - sewing up cat's eye!!). At the adult level, we moralise and put down a decree, He is ok, he is doing that for children...but can you also see the selfishness inherent in that. Will you be able to put this bfore Anjali too (and expect her to rationalise?) There is a notion that the human child is one up against these other creatures of the world, and there we sow the seed for differences and future destruction of the earth. Why not plant compassion in the hearts of every child. If you ask me, this topic need not have been brought up with the child....perhaps K could have started discussing with Anjali about something beautiful that happened to her that day?

Expose children to beautiful stories. And when she is older enough, then we can bring in stories that would require rationalising. Not that a child cannot rationalise, but the child's world is a far more simple and harmonious world then ours and why bring in conflicts from this end to that? Are we engineering the child?

K, I am taking up this line of argument, as this is how I feel, no matter what you say about exposing them to the real world. These opportunities come on their own without we pulling them in. When these things hit them, they come up to you and it is enough of you are prepared for them and have the time for them at that moment. Really, ask yourself what made you speak about Dr Blackmore to the child? Did you want her to engage in an intellectual discourse with you? Did you want to interest or impress the child? Or to bring about opportunities to talk about what is right and wrong, at that hour? Or ot could have been a genuine instinct to catch up with the child for the day, since you were away most part of the day and she too wanted your company. But think, what made you raise this issue? was it in your mind so much?

Once you find answers to the beginning, and the whys and wherefore's of it, the middles and the ends would fall into place.

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