Monday, September 14, 2009


I had this conversation with Anjali yesterday.

Patti had gotten a story book on Devi's for her from India and one of the stories was about how Prahlad got tricked by Indra into giving his virtues and as a result all the good things left him - nobility, honesty etc and finally Lakshmi.

I explained the story to her and then exclaimed

Me: "I dont like this story. It is very sad"

Anjali: "I like this story"

Me: It is very sad

Anjali: Its very happy

Me: See, Prahlad is so upset

Anjali: Prahlad is very happy

Me: No Anjali, this story is not good. All the virtues have gone away

Anjali: No, this story is very good. All the virtues are over here.

At this point, patti and thattha broke out into applause and the conversation couldnt continue

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