Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anjali's opinion on Colin Blakemore and Barbara Poggio

Yesterday I had the opportunity of having dinner with Colin Blakemore, Tomaso Poggio and his wife Barbara. Blakemore, of course, is famous for his cat sewing experiment for research into eye defects.

I got back home at around 10.45 and the kids were still up waiting for me (Patti decided to stay the night so that daddy will not go crazy). Sophia went to sleep by eleven plus. But Anjali wanted to talk. So we talked about Colin Blakemore over bread, butter, water and continued the conversation in bed. Here's the conversation in a nutshell.

Me: I met Colin Blakemore today. he was doing experiments with kittens for shildren who cannot see

Her: What is that?

Me: Some children cannot see. Do you think it is a nice thing or not?

Her: It is very sad

Me: Yes, it is, if children cannot see, they will not be able to see where the tumbler is , or whether mummy's finger is crawing toward them to catch their nose

Anjali dodges

Me: So Colin Blakemore closed the kitten's eyes and used the kitten's behaviors to make good medicine for the children who cannot see. But because of this, the kittens cannot see.

Anjali processes this

Her: The uncle is bad?

Me: Well, it depends, you cant say if something is bad or not.

her: Why?

Me: Well, do you think turning off the lights is good?

Her (immediately and with a lot of enthusiasm): No. it is very bad. i dont want to turn off the light. i want to turn on the light

Me: What about daddy?

Her: Daddy want to turn off the light.

Me: Right. So somethings are good for some and not good for others. Colin Blakemore's experiment gave good medicine to many children, but it was sad for the cats.

We go to the bedroom.

Me: I also met Mrs Poggio. She works with children who are sick

Her: I am sick. Can I see Mrs Poggio?

Me: When you are sick, you drink medicine. Mrs Poggio plays with the children, but does not give them ooshi. She plays with the children, with toys and then plays with their parents and teachers also.

her: I want to see Mrs Poggio.

Me: Ok.

Her: I dont want to see the good uncle.

Me: Which good uncle?

Her: the good uncle close the kitten's eyes

Me: You doont want to see Colin Blakemore?

Her: Yes.

Me: Why?

her: He will give me bad medicine.

What is the current status of Anjali's understanding of good and bad??

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