Tuesday, September 15, 2009

(almost) toilet trained

Well, what would you call a girl who always crawls to the edge of the bed when she needs to pee?


Last night was a typical chaotic one. We went to the playground.

Anjali wanted to go in the joola joola.

Sophia wanted to go in the slide down.

Husband and I split forces.

It was very necessary to keep an eye on Sophia all the time, because if you look the other way, you were bound to see a leaf in her mouth.

But she climbed the steps to the troll bridge.

Anjali was on the other side.

Sophia began to crawl rapidly towards the other side.

Anjali stepped in her path

"Sophia, you must ask a iddle. I am the troll"

Sophia tried to edge past Anjali to me.

husband asked the riddle

"Who crossed the shaky bridge in the movie?"

"Donkey and shrek"

Sophia got past.

The girls had a great time at the playground. Sophia generally tries to crawl. We let her a bit on the slide downs, but mostly she crawls and stands up holding on to stuff. She is now trying to let go of things with one hand to reach for something else and we reckon that she will be walking quite soon.

Then again, she is nearly eight months old, so it explains a lot.

We got home, and the girls washed their hands and feet. Anjali then wanted to take a bath, so I dumped her in the shower while I went to get her supper ready.

Some one thought that all that water in the shower sounded interesting and no one was bringing her to join the fun so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She crawled down from the bed, to the bathroom, climbed into the bathroom and made a beeline for the shower cubicle, went to the shower cubicle, pushed open the door and climbed in.

When I came back thirty seconds later, I found Anjali with the shower hose in her hands, and Sophia dripping wet.

Both girls were having a rolling time, and neither of them were in any real danger, to husband and i let them at it.
At nine thirty, the bedtime dance began. Armed with three or four story books, a plate of noodles and a lot of prayers, we began the routine.

At ten, Sophia tried to crawl very quickly out of the bed. She didnt make it, and there was a puddle at the edge of the bed.

But then she got down, and played with a box. I wasnt paying too much attention until I noticed that she wasnt playing with the box anymore.

She was playing with very suspicious looking yellow stuff.

Yellow stuff was wiped away, girl rewashed.

"I want to see poo!!!" says Anjali

I show her the stuff I wiped off

"I want to see poo in the bottom!!!"

I pray that I hadnt washed the girl properly, fabricate pretend poo to satisfy Anjali and hustle the girls back to bed

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