Monday, August 3, 2009

weekend moments

Anjali says that garfield is her baby (Garfield is a baby doll that we got for her, dont ask me why it is called garfield).

So she goes

"I am garfield's mummy. Where's garfield's daddy?"

Patti is at a loss as to what to answer her.

Anjali's first why:

Patti: We cant go through that door, its locked (while coming back from Sudha aunty's house)

Anjali: yen?

(Runs after patti saying yen)

I was so excited. Her first why.

Shree Valli says that the whys are not going to stop for a while now. I am looking forward to it.

For the record, she hasnt asked any more whys since yesterday

patti takes a cloth to put Sophia on the floor from the hammock. Anjali takes the cloth, runs with it, puts it on the bed, and puts garfield on top.

"Thats my baby"


We took a coconut shell to the mannu playground yesterday evening. We had a gala time, but when we came back, We left the coconut in the playground.

Much later, we finished all the shopping and loaded up ouor stuff in the bicycle.

"Where's my coconut?"

"I think we left it in the playground"

"I am very sad!!"


Anjali and Ananya had a load of fun at Hort Park. Swati took this cute photo where the two of them were drinking from (almost identical) barney bottles and having a frangipani behind their ears. I am waiting for Swati to send the photo to upload it.


We took the kids to the nature park yesterday evening. We put Sophia on a cloth on the grass while Anjali played in the sand.

In thirty seconds, Sophia had her hands in the grass. Most of my occupation involved taking her from the grass and putting her back in the cloth.

Even then, when my back was turned for a split millisecond, she had snatched a stick and almost put it in her mouth.

And this was the girl, who, a month ago, would sit absolutely happy in a cloth on grass.

We are beginning to put her on the slide down in the playground. She is enjoying it.

Saturday morning, we took the kids to the swimming pool after Sloka class. The wave pool is perfect for Sophia, as we can just put her in the shallow end. She goes on her hands and knees and splashes the water.

All the family lies down with their bellies in the water, like a bunch of hippopotamus.

The one way to make Anjali eat weird mummy food is to watch stuff on You Tube. I am a bit ashamed of myself, we played very hungry caterpillar and brown bear brown bear before we could get the potato bread and vegetables in the system.

I was more clever on Sunday, I decided to give her the mushroom pilaf when she was in the mannu playground. And that went in fine.

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