Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh, the teapot is full of tempests

"I kicked necklace"

You kicked someone because they didnt give you a necklace?

"I kicked school necklace"

"did you say sorry?"

"i said sorry"

Husband laughs

"Adi, I am having a discipline moment"

"She is so cute when she says that she said sorry"



"Anjali, did you cry in school today?:



Nichlas pulled me

(So it is Nicholas and not necklace. Well, atleast it is better than lion)

What did you do?

I kicked him.

Did he pull you first or did you kick him first?

He pulled me first

(Is this considered to be acting in self defence, and so goes with less severity? Husband says its ok to hit back if kids hit her first, refer to where Lion (Leon) pushed her and she scratched him. Patti also says that it is ok to hit back if someone hits her. I dont quite know how to deal with it)

Anjali, Nicholas is two months older than you. (I remembered Nicholas from the time I used to sit in Anjali's class)

(Husband) So he is a big boy, so you can fight with him (Is this good advice?)

(Anjali) Nichlas is small (He is actually shorter and thinner than Anjali, so she is scientifically accurate)

(The short of the story was that teacher had seen Anjali kick Nicholas and had asked her to say sorry. "I dont want to say sorry, was the reply". So the imp had broken down and cried a fair bit. Then she said sorry)

Advice, anyone on how to handle things like this?

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