Friday, July 31, 2009

A tempest in the school teapot

Anjali has been going to school nicely and regularly for the past few months, and it was only a matter of timie when something interesting came up on that front. I was right.

Two days ago, Anjali came up to me

"I pushed lion"

"Who did you push?"

"I pushed Lion."

"I see." (Knowing her vivid imagination) "You pushed the zoo lion?"

"No. I pushed the school lion"

"The school lion?"


Then I remembered that patti and Anjali have been talking about a new boy in school. I guess his name is Leon.

Yesterday i broached the subject again.

"Anjali, did you play with Leon?"

"He pushed me"

"Did you push him?" (I know my daughter)

"No. i scratched him"

"you scratched him?"


I asked patti about it this morning.

"Whats the story about Leon in school?"

"He pushed Anjali, she scratched him"

"Then what happened?"

"Teacher asked you to cut Anjali's nails. It seems he has marks where she clawed him"

I suppose I must be all stern and advice her about not behaving like that.

So why did I burst out laughing?

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