Tuesday, July 28, 2009

soda and water

We did the soda and water recipe yesterday (1 bottle of ENO salt and one bottle of water. We tried different batches and Anjali really liked to watch it "boil")

A couple of kids in the playground also joined in.


  1. try dry ice with water next time. you get it with a box of hagen dass icecream when you buy them at the outlet stores. Ananya was amazed at all that smoke!

  2. You probably got a bunch of icecream during the tonsilities. Nice idea though, wonder where I can buy dry ice...

  3. oh no i got it long time back for my sister. you buy the small tub for $14 bucks and they pack it with some dry ice - you get ice cream and dry ice for a whooping $14.00 hahahaha.....


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