Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The simple pleasures of life

Yesterday evening, husband was home late. Anjali, Sophia and I were walking downstairs and as we were walking, came across a public telephone.

"I want to call thattha", exclaimed Anjali, running towards the public phone.

"Thattha is coming over tonight, you remember Shruti is coming on chat" (by the way, the imp knows chat and webcam and youtube and email and all sorts of stuff, despite her limited exposure to the computer)

But she went anyway. She managed to pull the receiver off the hook, but couldnt reach the keypad. (Note to self, make a giant keypad our of cardboard and get Anjali to "press" the keys for number recognition. Better still paint it on the floor).

"Mummy caie me!"

Sophia was in the carrier and I debated. Often, my course of action for one of Anjali's requests is as follows

1. Can it be satisfied without too much derangement?
if (1) satisfy condition
else negotiate delicately and try not to say no right out.

I considered and decided that it was possible to manuever such that Sophia could be on the carrier with Anjali on the hip. The manuever accomplished, we explored the keypad. She tried a few combinations.

then we keyed in my handphone number.

"Wait and see Anjali, mummy's handphone is going to ring"

Soon enough, my handphone began to sing Saraswati Namastubhyam

"I am very happy", said Anjali, replacing the receiver.

And despite the funny manuever, the day's tiredness, and a lot of other things, I was also inexplicably happy.   

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