Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sign language and expression of intention

Today, as I was leaving to work, I carried Sophia to patti. Patti put out her hands to receive Sophia.

Sophia looked at patti, looked at me, seems to figure out that I was going away, and to decide that she wasnt buying it. She therefore turned back and buried into my shoulders.

Subsequently, when patti tried to call her, she kept turning the opposite way.

So, I gave her to patti and she looked very pointedly at the coffee table.

I followed her gaze and found the Panda bear book.

So before leaving for work, we read the book until we reached the page with the sea lion.

"I see a sea lion splashing at me", I read, splashing my hands

"uuuhhh" comes the reply, with hands splashing.


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