Monday, July 6, 2009

She is not a baby anymore

It took me a while to get there with Sophia. But I have just realized that she is fast outgrowing her babyhood. here are the signs

1. She has graduated from booba to apples, cauliflower, squash, cattors, potatoes and any number of other vegetables. Touch wood, she is loving them. I should start her on baby rice soon.

2. Look at her move. She has recently taken up crawling. She crawls backwards at an enormous pace, and it is not safe to leave her on bed for more than ten point two seconds

3. She is toilet training herself. She understands all the stuff we get up with Anjali about proper places to pee, and she has decided to take matters into her own hands. She slides off bed, stands on the edge and pees. The first time we thought that it was a coincidence. But it happened atleast four times yesterday

4. She stands on the edge of the bed and holds herself

5. She can sit momentarily without support

6. She can do pushups and she got into the crawling position several times over the weekend. On Saturday she didnt know how to get out of the crawling position and lower her knees. On Sunday she figured it out.

7. She enjoys fidgets. The past two trips to fidgets, she was really small and didnt quite know what to make of it. So we (me and Sophia) napped on the couch while Anjali and husband went and enjoyed themselves on the big slidedown and the balls and cars and everything. on Saturday, we made the trip again, Sophia loved it. Infact, she loved it even more than Anjali. There was a small enclosure for babies and the two of us camped there was about an hour, during which she moved in semi circles, found the childsafe mirror, pushed around the blocks and in general did a lot of funny and interesting stuff. Husband took over after a while and Sophia spent a lot of time in the toddler enclosure (is she becoming a toddler?)

8. She went to the swimming pool for the first time. We kept it short, it was after all, the first time. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, kicking left and right. After her swim, she fell tired and slept in my arms while Anjali and husband completed their romp.

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