Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On friends

 Its a bit scary to think of my two year old having friends.
The other day I returned home to find Anjali wearing a pattu pavadai.

"Nice dress Anjali", I commented.

"I am weaing like my feind"



Another day, at the playground

"That is my feind" pointing to a boy among the crowd

"Mummy, I want to go to school"

"What will you do in school?"

"I play with all my feinds"

During craft time, she takes five stickers out and sticks one on each finger.

"Mummy, see me!!"

"Very nice"

"I am doing like my feind"

"Which friend?"

"I am doing like Sentina"

"Anjali, who is your best friend in school?"


"Who is Sentina's best friend?"


"Who is Cheryl's best friend?"


"Who is Anjali's best friend?"

A beat, and then "Phanav"
A few days ago, Anjali was doing a new trick. It involved making bruu noises.

"Who taught you this, Anjali?"


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