Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A marvellous memory

Yesterday evening, Anjali was parading around the house wearing a duppatta.

she puts the duppatta properly, around the neck, very lady like and then says

"Mummy, I am wearing like you."

I glance up. Yes, it is exactly as how I wear my dupatta, as opposed to how patti wears (on the side), or how some of the other aunties wear, like a shawl.

 I was puzzled. By virtue of the fact that I am breastfeeding Sophia, and also because I am a bit tired of wearing Salwars during pregnancy, i stopped wearing them and have switched to kurtas and jeans, which are ever so much more convenient when lugging two kids around, and when you have to lift your top at a moment's notice to feed.

"When did you see me wear a duppatta?"

"At Meenakshi's house." (On a lone event two weeks ago)

"Was my dupatta green like yours?"

"No. it was yed."

"What color was my dress?"


I repeat, that was two weeks ago.
One of my T-Shirts got mistakenly put in husband's cupboard. In the dark, husband pulled out the T-shirt, put it on and went to the kitchen to join Anjali.

I heard some mumblings

Thirty seconds later he was back in the bedroom.

"Anjali wants me to change my T-shirt"


"Its your T-shirt"

Does it matter?

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