Monday, July 27, 2009

lights, camera, action

I had my 30 seconds of television fame on Saturday, when some of us got around to judging a Science show on TV. Husband and i got clearance to bring Anjali along to the studio. Sophia, ofcourse, was too small, and we prudently decided not to bring her, as (we found out afterward), the studio was small and with bright lights. She would have gotten irritated. Sophia therefore opted to spend the evening with thattha and patti and consequently thattha bragged that he was the one who took care of her and she ws a piece of cake. (We left at 2.30, and she slept fom 2.45 to 5.45. Patti then had her Gita class at 6pm, so thattha took her for a walk. For Sophia, if she took a walk, she would be eternally happy. When they got back from the walk, we were back)

Anjali was quite fascinated by the studio. She napped while on the taxi and was sleeping through the judges meeting, so she was just awake when we got into the studio. To make her day, they were doing camera testing, and the camera man gave her some time when she was put on the giant screen tv on the ceiling. husband pointed to her the camera on the crane that was moving back and forth and such.

They whisked me off to the make up room. The imp, after the make up was done, came around the room chanting "Mumy, where are you?" (I was right in front of her nose) and then after we finished the make up "Mummy, you are very bootiful".

To the TV show's credit, they did something with my hair that actually made it stay put, and they took about two minutes to do it (Uma aunty battled with my hair for one hour before my wedding and used copious amounts of gel before it could stick)

The show recording was quick, and Anjali sat on my lap while we were judging (we were offstage). One of the content managers quipped that I ought to have her with me while I did the experiment on stage, that would show the audience that researcher balance family and work. Well, a lot of people (echo thattha would have been glad if Anjali appeared on national tv, but that was not to be.)

Later, I asked Anjali, "Did you like going to the tv station?"


What did you like most about it?

"I like to see you sitting on the chair" (is this because at home, I am generally harried or that I am sitting down on the floor or the bed?)

What was I doing on the chair?

"You take the stick and put on the fire and ...."

Well, I'm sure she enjoyed it.

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