Friday, July 10, 2009

I be quiet

We were at the church last evening. There is a darling little meditation room at the corner of the church, which they use for guided meditation sessions. Sometimes worshippers come to the meditation room to meditate. i like it because of its atmosphere.

We went to the meditation room. A few people were already there, meditating.

"Mummy, sit here"

"Hush Anjali"

"I be quiet"

one point two milliseconds later

"Mummy, daddy egge?"

I ignored her for a second



The room is so quiet that any noise echoes and magnifies.

"Anjali, if you are not quiet, we go out"

"I be quiet. I dont talk"

(Raised eyebrows here)

one point three milliseconds later

"Can I go there? I want to pray"

I gave up

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