Friday, July 17, 2009

Cooking and art

A few months ago, I decided to take up cooking, not just made up recipes, but solid, good recipes from around. The Jurong library, very frequently visited courtesy of the fun with tots program has a HUGE repository of recipe books, and the first one I borrowed was the best one.

In two days, husband, patti, and sometimes even Anjali an thattha have been floored by the creations that have happened in the kitchen. The household has graduated from the routine rice with everything and pasta with store bought tomato sauce (barring a occassional wild experiment with things like grilled vegetables which were palatable when we were lucky)

recently we have gourmet stuff nearly everyday. Mushroom soup, broccoli soup, lentil soup, today I am trying minestrone for the first time, but the soups generally floor everyone.

Yesterday I baked this truly divine corn bread with flour, mamaliga and cheese. There were four tiny pieces of it left by night. This morning it was pasta with cream sauce and butter beans, which Anjali ate for lunch, foregoing her paruppu sadam. Now, for the Junior Sonia Gandhi to forego paruppu sadam, it means that the alternative is really good.

My favorite though, are gnocchi and ratatouille, both healthy light dishes. Now, who can decipher the greek?

Now for the art

This is an elephant on the bathroom floor. The trunk is on the lower right hand and the tail on the upper left

These are the rice paintings. Anjali's portrait of patti/ stoove/ duck is in the center. When it was patti she was wearing a blue saree

This big interesting mess is our batik session, we poured candle wax over an old T-shirt of Anjali's crushed it and painted the top

This is daddy modelling the end product. As you can see, we poured in the wax too thick. A brush would have helped. Maybe next time


  1. I make soups very often and not the sauteing ways. My method is very very simple. Take whatever veges u want eg - tomatoes, onion, garlic, carrot, peas, capsicum, cabbage, spinach celery,pumpkin etc in any combo - pressure cook - cool - puree in mixie - bring to boil add water as needed salt and pepper. add butter if needed - I skip the butter

  2. for pasta I do an indianised version - take oil add some omam/oregeno saute onions, garlic, tomatoes and Lots of veges like capsicum - diff colored, cauliflower, carrots, brocolli whatever you feel anjali will like - cook them with salt and lil chilli powder. Mix with macaroni/ pasta add cheese for anjali and the rest of you if you want ;)


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