Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At the civil service club pool

We loved the Jurong pool when we went a few months ago. There was a shallow wave pool, a river, any number of slides, a jacuzzi, a kids pool and everything. But we had a couple of qualms. Firstly, it was too crowded, secondly, it was way too hot, and thirdly, it was too far away

Of course, when we went to the Jurong pool, it was in the hot afternoon. I was heavily pregnant with Sophia, it was a public holiday and therefore exceptionally crowded.

Yesterday evening, we took the kids to the civil service club pool. Its just across patti's house, which makes it an ideal destination for Saturday afternoons and even some weekdays. There are trees all around, so we dont have to worrk too much about the sun, and there are very little people there (atleast last evening there were just a handful of people, it may get a bit more crowded suring the weekends)

They have a wave pool, a river, a big slide, a kids' pool with a  swing in the water, a slidedown (which they allow me to slide), a jacuzzi a plunge pool and evverything. Some pools even have (you wont believe it), a waterfall with foot therapy stones against the wall (are we supposed to get a shower and a backrub?)

Anjali went crazy with the environment and the pool. She was a bit scared of the wave pool (it was  "raining" and she didnt want to get water on her). But once the waves came in earnest, she sat at the edge of the pool and enjoyed the laps. She was initially afraid of the big slide down, but later had good fun going down it. She was initially a little afraid of the swing in the water, but later refused to get down from it. And toward the end, she wanted to go in the 1.5 meter pool.

"I want to do lot of" (about the slide down)

Sophia's reactions were more mixed. At her age, she is more vital and in tune with the sensations. The water was cold, her previous swimming session was nearly three weeks ago (what with Anjali getting a flu and husband's hand wound and everything)

Her initial reaction to the cold water was to cry. Then I took her in the jacuzzi where the water was warm and we spent a good ten minutes swimming along. Husband then took her to the depths of the wave pool which she really enjoyed as well. Anjali and Sophia had a water race which Sophia won (that is because husband was carrying Sophia and he is taller than me in the depths of the pool and navigation is easier)

It was after her swimming bout when husband took her to the changing rooms. Anjali and I were playing a while longer, and suddenly, as the pool was about to close, we heard a distinctive baby cry. Make it a baby wil, at the top of her voice. We ran down the rocky tunnel that seperated the lower and upper levels of the pool. Sophia was crying - at the top of her voice.

We rushed to the changing rooms, showered as quicly as we could, and ran out. I took Sophia in my arms.

Immediate calm.

I handed her over to husband so that I could dress Anjali.

ten seconds and then pandemonium until i took her back.

We took a taxi home. And while I took her in my arms, crying, from husband, she quietened instantly, relaxed, and slept.

She slept until morning.

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