Monday, June 8, 2009

More on asserting authority

Swati says that I should explain to her that she cant go back to the scene unless she stops hitting. Nice idea. Husband and I tried explaining to her that if she doesnt want to share, then she ought not to push, just to tell the other child that she doesnt want to share.

On Saturday at Gymboree, she didnt want to share with the other child her paints. So she puts the paint on the floor, and gives a warning "Dont touch this paint"

Well, I dont suppose I can force her to share. It has to come to her by seeing us do it.

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  1. Sharing is very difficult. Ananya still does not share with everyone. she shares only with few kids she really likes.But she is still in the "It's MINE" phase. I never force her to share but do enforce at all times that she must share just so that in future - some day she will (hopefully!)


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