Thursday, June 25, 2009

The frustations of a five month old

My name is Sophia. I am five months old. I love to play with toys. But I get very frustrated if someone interrupts my play. They are always doing it, for various reasons.

Mummy is always picking me up to do numbers. I like to do numbers, they are fun, but I would like it if she plays with me after doing numbers. She is usually hurrying to the office and so it is pick up, do numbers, put me down and thats it. The whole thing doesnt last more than a minute.

Right after the numbers session, she has to go to do something else, like telling Akka to brush her teeth, or telling daddy to get out of the shower. I would like it if she picks me up and cuddles with me for a while. But no sirree, she is always wanting to do proper things, like washing her hands when she comes back from office before she picks me up. Do you think I care if her hands are dirty? Well, yesterday, I told her exactly what I thought of the idea.

The other person who interrupts me is akka. I like akka very much. She is the most active person in the house
(next to me , ofcourse) and I like to watch her do stuff. She jumps around, sings to me, makes me laugh, kisses my tummy. But Akka also takes away my toys. Yesterday, I was reading Eric Carle's ABC. It was such a nice book, so soft an colorful and edible. But before I could eat it properly, mummy said something about not eating it, and akka took it away. But she gave me another book about stars to eat. so it was not too bad.

Now, daddy is another story. I like daddy, because he never interrupts me. He always sits next to me and sings to me if I ask for songs, carries me and walks, but never tries to take my toys away, even if mummy tells him that they are not safe. Sometimes he even lets me play with plastic bags and I love the crinkly sound they make.  Infact, if I have a choice between mummy and daddy, I prefer daddy to carry me. I just go to mummy for booba.

Those are my first words - boobaa, ou (which I say when I want to go out) and aaga (which is how I call akka when she is hiding from me)

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